He Ha'upu Aloha Celebration at Seabury Hall

Yesterday was a very special day at Seabury Hall, the school we are so proud to have had all three of our children attend for their formative years. Each year they celebrate Hawaiian culture in what has formerly been known as "May Day", of which all three of my children have actively performed in with their classmates, as well as on the May Day Court. However, this year my daughter's talented kumu hula Napua Makua elevated the entire performance to what is now known as He Ha'upu Aloha...where each class performs a hula, as well as independent competition groups to celebrate our beautiful island home and the rich culture that thrives here. It was wonderful as a parent of 3 alumni to just be able to attend and enjoy the day of wonderful performances and bring back those of the days when my kids were there. Congratulations to kumu Napua and the Seabury Hall community on a wonderful and unforgettable day!

And for any of you lovers of Hawaiian music, I will be asking my daughter to help post some favorite Hawaiian albums as recommendations as well...the first being the woman who has inspired her passion for hula for the greater part of her life, two-time Na Hoku Hanohano award winning female vocalist of the year Napua (Greig) Makua! You can check out her beautiful albums Pihana & Mohalu on itunes or on mele.com...truly beautiful Hawaiian music to add to your collection.